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My name is Shanie L. Gaudet, D.PSc, CBCP, and I'm a certified Emotion Code & Body Code practitioner with over 5 years experience in using both the Emotion Code and Body Code developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson. I started learning his techniques, in March of 2010, after my Kinesiologist had to move from my area and I was searching for a way to continue healing. In November of 2005, I was "diagnosed", by a neurologist, with "delayed onset of dystonia due to post traumatic brain trauma" resulting from an automobile accident that occurred, in May of 2005. My symptoms were speech difficulties, cervical tremors, difficulty walking due to the brain signals not reaching other parts of my body. After exhausting all treatment possibilities through conventional medicine, I was introduced to a Kinesiologist. He was able to help me tremendously over a 2 year period, with one of his treatments being, releasing negative emotions. I was amazed after these sessions and wanted everyone to experience the amount of peace I had felt. After meeting Dr. Bradley Nelson, I realized how easy his technique was, which was similar to my Kinesiologists', and that I could continue to heal myself and others by releasing emotions through the Emotion Code and correcting energetic imbalances through the Body Code. I completed my certification of both the Emotion Code & Body Code and I am very grateful to have made a full recovery and to be able to help others!


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